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  • Brian R. Monahan

State GOP decries redistricting decision

New congressional map for Long Island from the New York State Legisaltive Task Force on Demographics and Reapportionment
Map of congressional districts following 2024's reapportionment.

In the national context of a highly divided House of Representatives, New York’s Legislature has passed a congressional new map – widely seen as being slightly more accommodating to Democratic candidates – which the governor was quick to sign.

Democrats in the state won a lawsuit last year allowing the Legislature the right to remake 2022’s maps. The 2024 maps passed with some Republican support.

“Democrats have sought to undermine the redistricting amendment over the last three years,” said New York GOP Chair Ed Cox, prior to the governor signing the map into law.


After New York’s Independent Redistricting Commission redistricting commission failed to reach a compromise deal for the 2022 map lines, Albany passed a set of maps that were deemed unconstitutional, resulting in a special master redrawing the maps. The 2022 congressional lines led to larger than expected Republican victories across the state.


Cox continued: "They should have been embarrassed when they were caught red-handed in their unconstitutional gerrymander in 2022. But Albany Democrats are incapable of shame. They again seek to rig elections in back rooms rather than compete at the ballot box.”


These sharp words are likely the result of several suburban districts becoming more favorable for Democrats, including New York’s third congressional district, which was recently won by former Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi. However, some districts, including Rep. Nick Lalota’s first congressional district, saw a shift to the right. 

Given the scope of the change, it is expected the GOP will not challenge the results.


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